1. What is IPTV ?
 IPTV streaming over the internet for more than 750 TV channels including news, entertainment, music and sports channels and a wide variety of popular on-demand content, including well known entertainment programs, series, movies, music-clips and more. You can enjoy this great content straight to your TV through Media Box.

"please not that some TV channels are available on the internet for public users but our services are providing high quality and you will not find the same service any where"

2. How does the MyTV Box work?
Basically, after you purchase MyTV Box, and subscribe to the box, we will send you an activation code to activate the box with us. Once your Box is activated, you will enjoy watching our services with no interruption. MyTV Box doesn't need professional installation or cables, just plug in and watch.

3. What TV channels can I enjoy in 
MyTV Media Box?
Currently we have more than 800 of the best TV Channels, include Arabic, Turkey, Persia, Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, African, and much more. Also you can visit the Channel List Page for a full list of all available Live TV channels. You can have access to them by subscribing to our service.

4. What Arabic TV On-Demand videos can I enjoy in 
This is a new service that have been added it from few weeks. More information will follow..

5. Why are certain popular channels or shows not offered?
We are constantly striving to add new, better and more channels, both in terms of live and on-demand content.
We will continue to work to launch the best channels available, so, please stay tuned and try to send us your suggestions by email.

6. What are the packages and prices available in 
Please vist our Product page

7. How do I subscribe?
  • Select the product you want from our website.
  • Click on Buy Now.
  • Than follow the paypall instructions to finish you payment.
  • Make sure your billing address is associated with the credit card you use.
  • Or you can call our sales team for the phone order provider "ISP" in selected area.


1. What is needed to be able to watch MyTV on my TV?
  • MyTV offers you the best Channel lineup for less than half the cost of satellite or cable.
  • Best of all there is no messy installation, no expensive packages, and no expensive hardware. 
  • You can enjoy our great content directly on your TV by subscribing to our service.. 
  • We will send you the MyTV which connects directly to you TV. 
  • You need to have a high speed internet connection at minimum of 4Mbps to be able to watch MyTV Live Channels.

2. MyTV Box isn't working, why?
  • Please ensure that your box is plugged in and powered on.
  • The button on the back should be pressed On and you should see the Green power light on the front panel.
  • Make sure your internet cable is currently plugged in. 
  • Test the internet connection on a laptop or computer first. 
  • If the Orange light starts blinking on the box when you turn it on, it means your box is connected to the internet.
  • The box does not support a wireless internet connection.
  • Make sure all access ports are open by visiting http://speed.neulion.com/neulion_tools.html
  • Clicking on the "Port Access" links. 
  • If any are showing as closed, please contact us.
3. Why do I get constant buffering (retrieving)? 
  • If buffering is persistent on all channels, your internet speed may not be sufficient or you may have problems with your modem & router.
  • Please make sure you modem support the following:
            1- IGMP, managed multicast IP transmission, optimizes IPTV streaming
            2- QoS, prioritizes data, enabling smooth video streaming and lag-free gaming.
  • If you are connecting through an internet service provider with a capped bandwidth package, please be aware that the set-top box uses about 1.50 GB every three hours of usage.
  • Your available internet bandwidth should be at least 4 Mbps Download Speed. Some customers required more speed download, depend on Internet Service Provider "ISP" in your area.
4. I cannot connect to the internet?
If you are having issues getting the set-top box to connect to the internet, please reset the box and your internet connection.

5. Can I connect using my wireless access point?
Please note that 
MyTV Box does not work wireless and must be connected to an active internet connection by Ethernet Cable which is included in the package.

6. How can I tell if I have sufficient internet connection to watch 
Please Click Speed Test and click on "Begin Test". If the download speed shows more than 4 Mbps, you have sufficient internet to watch 
MyTV Channels.

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